Working with Free Software

CODES programme has made the choice to work with free software, the ideal solution in regard to ethics and sustainability.

What is free software ?

Free software is copyright free. This software uses free licences such as GPL. These licences allow us to :

  • utilize the software as we wish, on as many computers as we wish
  • study source code
  • modify source code
  • diffuse the contents and software freely or commercially

This specific access to source codes allow any user to utilize these tools, which have a solid professional reputation in technology and professional fields.

Code source example (Pixabay, licence CC0)

Not necessarily free of charge, many free softwares benefit from constant development, thanks to their community of dedicated users who report bugs or propose improvements. This type of software encourages a contributive and decentralized logic instead of a dependent consumer base, which ensure the security and respect for personal data.

Out of this ethical concern, it seemed obvious for us to make this choice toward free and open-source solutions, which allow us to participate in a spirit of openness, cooperation and freedom in our software.

Choices made by the CODES team

Our only private partner is Open-DSI, a company based in Lyon that is focused on open-source software solutions. Thanks to their support and that of DotRiver, our team uses open-source software to:

  • work together, using our collaborative platform NextCloud which transforms our usual methods by placing collaboration at the center of all of our practices

  • develop our internal daily communication and our production of internal and published content (Framasoft, Thunderbird, OpenOffice, Inkscape, Gimp, etc) by using a DotRiver virtual desktop . Our images, when they are not personally taken by us, come from Pixabay and are copyright-free (Creative Commons licence)

  • produce an open-access course module for any interested universities. For additional information, please contact us

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