Who are we?

The CODES Programme 

Cultural diversity in the organisation : constructing together the skills necessary for an inclusive society


The CODES programme – Communication, Diversity, Solidarity – proposes the creation, implementation and diffusion of a university training module specialized in a domain that we consider a priority in our current society, threatened by inward-looking attitudes and the rejection of others : cultural diversity management in the organisation.

Our European partners

Financed by the Erasmus+ programme and led by the University Lyon 2, CODES includes an interdisciplinary and international team, as well as a partnership with 5 other European universities who share their skills and expertise in the humanities and social sciences.

An open project

In an ethical concern, the CODES team made the choice to work in an open context:

·       Partnership with Open-DSI, a company in Lyon focused on open solutions

·       Nearly exclusive use of open-source software : internally (OpenOffice, Inkscape, Framateam, etc.) and for the creation of online learning tools

·       Work on a dedicated collaborative platform (X2go)

·       Adoption of alternative social networks Mastodon and Diaspora

A participative approach

  • Additionally, the CODES programme touches the social and professional fields through interviews and workshops proposed to for-profit and non-profit organisations, public institutions and companies.

  • These meetings are the occasions to debate and exchange regarding participants’ experiences and practices. These allow us to better understand their concerns and needs in terms of competency in order to construct in collaboration a pertinent module.

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