You are an organisation

You are part of a non-profit organisation, public institution, or company already engaged in cultural diversity management, you are interested in developing these practices… you can now contact us to participate in our workshops with are held in France as well as in our partner countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Romania.

1er workshop en France (février 2018)
Lyon, February 2018

The first round of workshops took place in February in each country and allowed us to exchange regarding the definition of culture, the implications of diversity and its legal treatment, the discourse in our national medias, concepts such as interculturality and transculturality, their places in our university setting in terms of formations as well as the competences that are necessary for organisations.

In addition to rich exchanges with professionals and students involved in the associative and institutional fields, we have used the standards of this UNESCO document from 2013  Intercultural Competences : Conceptual and Operational Framework, as a baseline of relevant competences.

You can find our conclusions in the synthesis The Notion of Cultural Diversity: State of Affairs created by the consortium in March 2018, which is freely accessible in French and English.

A second synthesis edited by our Portuguese partners from the University of Coimbra will soon be available. It attempts to define the competences which will be the object of our future university training module on “cultural diversity management in an organisational context.”

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