Welcome to the site of the European programme CODES – Communication, Cultural Diversity and Solidarity*

Interculturalitymulticulturality, transculturality : plenty of debates and concepts consitute not simply academic research subjects, but also the subject of current events in both political and media discourses. Today, cultural diversity represents a debate regarding geographic locations, identity, our relationship to others and questions our ability to live together in harmony. Our main interest is, in fact, how to imagine cultural diversity not as a source of conflict but as a richness in our society.

If a project always starts from an idea, its implementation implies a commitment to a common goal. We are a Consortium of universities interested in affirming the role of the University in the face of current challenges and to better prepare our students to respond to the major shifts in our modern society. We think of cultural diversity as one of these challenges and propose a European multidisciplinary approach with the goal of the identification and transmission of competences necessary to better understand cultural differences and integrate them in our daily management of organisations.

In order to accomplish this, the philosophy of our project is based on the principles of co-construction and innovation. Each step of the CODES programme implies, in each member country, meetings and exchanges with diversity actors (non-profits, local authorities, companies) which will bring their visions and most importantly, their experiences and understanding of their needs. Cross analysis as well as learning solutions using online tools, will allow us to identify the best solutions possible for the transmission of knowledge.

Through our website, we invite you to follow the development of our project in real time. It will allow you to get know the members of the CODES consortium and its partners, to consult our publications and bibliographic references, and to be informed about upcoming events in connection with the theme of cultural diversity, but also to participate and to associate you with our programme.

We look forward to connecting with you!


In the name of the CODES university Consortium,

Dana Popescu-Jourdy, CODES Programme Coordinator.


* CODES, A European project is financed by the Erasmus+ strategic partnership and will occur from 2017 to 2020. It is the fruit of the collaboration between six universities: Lumière Lyon 2 (project leader), Panteion Athens, University of Bucharest, University of Coimbra, European University of Flensburg, Sapienza Rome and with the support of Open-DSI (company specialized in the creation of online tools)


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