Our Publications

The publications from the CODES programme allow us not only to advance on our project but also to share the progression of the construction of our training module on “cultural diversity management in the organisational context”, through research completed by the consortium and the results of exchanges between our organisational associates.

1. The Notion of Cultural Diversity : State of Affairs

Online as of May 2018, this is the culmination of the workshops held by the 6 university partners in February.

Summary :

  • Academic Reflection (Challenges, Conceptual Theory)
  • A University offering
  • Elements of the legal and institutional frame
  • Current events from media representations
  • Organisational practices
  • Conclusions


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2. Intercultural and Multicultural Competences

This synthesis created by the University of Coimbra will be online in June 2018.

Summary :

  • Theoretical and Conceptual Framework
  • Practical and Functional Setting
  • Epistemological and Methodological Questions
  • Definitions of intercultural and multicultural Competences
  • Organising Principles regarding Intercultural and Multicultural Competences
  • Skills : learning to know/understand/learn/be/get involved
  • Conclusion
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