CODES Partners: Panteion University of Athens

The Panteion University of Athens is one of the few European universities dedicated to Political Sciences. The university has been invested in this domain since its founding in 1930, along with the Social Sciences. They value these areas through their participation in various European programs, such as the  CODES Programme

Panteion University

Founded by the organization “The Educative Renaissance”, “Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences” has since its conception had international goals. Its two founders, Georgios Fragoudis and Alexandros Pantos, had previously studied at the Free School of Political Sciences in Paris (future “Sciences-Po”).

Logo of Panteion University

Thanks to 9 different departments, Panteion today offers formations in Economy and Public Administration, Political Sciences, Social Sciences and Pyschology, as well as International Studies, Communication, and Culture.  For their student body of 20,000, they offer 38 laboratories, institutes et research centres.

Panteion University and the CODES Programme

Panteion joined the CODES Programme to contribute to the development of the cultural and communicational frames to promote intervention, participation, identity and social cohesion.

In particular, the Department of Communication, Media and Culture works, through the CODES Programme, to reconcile our current multicultural environment and social structures, both locally and academically. The department focuses its publications on subjects such as new generations, gender, immigration, democracy, interpersonal relations, theatrical performances, etc.

As a member of the French-Greek Political Sciences Association and of International Scientific Committees,  Marianna Psylla, is the director of this department. She teaches Communication and Sociology through a political lens, as well as Discourse Analysis. Her research focuses on the the role and transformation of the public sphere under the influence of mass media.

A whole programme to explore the fields where cultural diversity is a significant factor, and specifically how organizations become more and more aware of the challenges raised by diversity.

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