CODES Partners: The Company Open-DSI

Open-DSI is the only private partner of the CODES Programme. As experts in free and open source technology solutions, Open-DSI provides tremendous supports to the CODES Consortium, which has chosen to pursue “free” software to create and diffuse its training module in cultural diversity management.

Open-DSI, privileged partner to non-profits, TPE et PME

Created in 2012 in Lyon, Open-DSI is based in the dynamic La Soie neighborhood in Vaulx-en-Velin, where multiple important actors in the Social Solidarity Economy are located, such as La Nef and l’Union Régionale de Scop.

Open-DSI’s Headquarters

With a team of 8 technology experts, their mission to to guide non-profits, micro-entreprises and SMEs in their technological projects. Their specialty is the implementation of free software and cloud computing solutions in externalization procedures.

Their handpicked solutions include l’ERP/CRM Dolibarr and the collaborative messaging system SOGo  through the use of CMS WordPress and the online store Woocommerce. The solution chosen for the CODES Programme is the file-sharing solution Nextcloud.

Open-DSI,  CODES Programme partner

Present at the heart of this project since its conception, Open-DSI allows all of the partners to benefit from their expertise with tailored solutions that are respectful of the project’s goals, providing additional opportunities to incorporate collaboration-based work methods.

“It’s very enriching for Open-DSI to work with the University Lyon 2 for the European project CODES”, explains Philippe Scoffoni, founder and CEO of d’Open-DSI. “The occasion to create and collaborate with universities like Lyon 2 is an excellent opportunity. This allow us not only to propose free solutions but also to respond to the great demand connected to open and distance learning.”

Indeed, Open-DSI provides their expertise in collaborative tools as well as the solutions necessary to diffuse the training module to universities. The module will be freely accessible in 2020.  After all, at the heart of its philosophy, that which is “free” remains an ally for shared use, in the same spirit as the promotion of cultural diversity.

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