CODES Partners: The European University of Flensburg

The European University of Flensburg (Europa-Universität Flensburg) is the northernmost university in Germany. Situated near the German-Danish border, the university is focused primarily on teaching training and International Business. 

Thanks to their integral European focus, this university brings their expertise on Europe-centered issues to the CODES Programme.

The old port of Flensburg 

Formerly known as the “College of Education”, the university hosts today approximately 5,000 students and 400 employees since its founding in 1946. Situated a largely maritime region, the European University of Flensburg is a small German university with mighty ambitions!

Europe et Internationalisation

In 2004, the University de Flensburg was officially designated the European University of Flensburg (EUF). Its objective is to “train students capable of understanding, living, and actively working to help advance Europe” and EUF benefits from its proximity to Denmark to feed this intercultural perspective. EUF participates in over 100 international partnerships in 35 countries, and its research laboratories include a Center for minority languages. In its International Center, they welcome international Erasmus students. 

Technische Hochschule

In addition, the university works in close collaboration with the Technical University (Technische Hochschule), located on the same campus.

EUF proposes multiple degree tracks that directly concern Europe:  

  • European Cultures and Society
  • European Studies
  • International Management (option for a  German-Danish double diploma)

EUF and the CODES Programme

Given that interculturality is one of the guiding principles of the European University of Flensburg, their engagement CODES Programme corresponds perfectly to their identity. Hedwig Wagner, national CODES leader, shares these aspirations as professor of European Media Studies. Her book on the subject of “Kulturhermeneutik” (Cultural Hermeneutics) explores understanding and communication related to cultural diversity. Her lectures cover subjects such that the relationship to the Other and cultural encounters focused on the same and the different in film and the media.

According to their website, EUF identifies itself as “a “reform university” on the coast of the Baltic Sea, that wants to open up new horizons and find answers to central future issues.” What an asset to the CODES Programme!

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