Debate in Rome: the Competency Reference Guide

pancarte de Sapienza

On May 29th and 30th the CODES Programme Consortium met at the Sapienza University in order to define the Competency Reference Guide which is the foundation for the course module. It will help reflect on the course content and the general architecture of the module dedicated to cultural diversity.

As a reminder, the main goal of the CODES Programme is the conception and diffusion of a course module dedicated to cultural diversity management in the organisation.

Our welcome was both warm and hospitable in Sapienza, where took place intense discussions and debates about relevant concepts, European recommendations for higher education and the Programme’s communication strategy.

Indeed our work groups face the challenges of cultural diversity expressed through our various languages and points of view, which makes us even more sensitive and mindful of this important topic.

Here are a few examples of questions:

  • what is a reference guide ?
  • what is an inclusive society ? To our German partner, inclusion deals exclusively with disabilities.
  • how can we adapt the module to meet the needs of the organisations regarding skills ?

Our work logic is based on the study of students’ needs in terms of competency, who will have to respond to the real challenges and needs of the organisations.

This process allows us to assert an active role of the university as a social actor aware of broader issues.

The next meeting is planned for October 2018, aimed at studying more deeply inter- and multicultural competencies.

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